Name of Officer:

Bob Porter, Head of Housing and Planning




Housing and Planning



Relevant Portfolio Holder:

Councillor Lesley Ann Game, Cabinet Member for Housing and Safer Neighbourhoods



Date of Decision

06 February 2019



Subject of decision:

Allocations Policy



Call-in Deadline:





Decision made:


1.    That the following minor amendments be incorporated into the council’s Allocations Policy:


       I.       Section 3.5 - Suitable size of accommodation - added universal credit alongside housing benefit

      II.       Section 4.1 - Homeless households - made it clear that acceptance into band B will be from when they were accepted as homeless.

     III.       Section 4.7 - Added care workers and other essential workers to category of key workers.

    IV.       Section 4.8 - Rough Sleepers - Added a section

     V.       Section 8.1 - Thanet District Council tenants - Removed ‘East Kent Housing will make 3 attempts to visit your home’.  

    VI.       Section 8.3 - Management transfers - Amended wording to ensure it is clear that a recommendation will come from EKH and the Council will be the decision maker.

   VII.       Section 10.4 - Placing bids - Removed the 6 month timeframe as this cannot be monitored by the service.

  VIII.       Section 3.5 - Suitable size accommodation - Added a line in the chart to include couples or single people with a carer over the age of 55 years old to be considered for sheltered and older persons accommodation only.

    IX.       Section 3.6 - Additional bedroom requests/carers - Made clear that for those over the age of 55 that feel they require a carer and there is evidence to support this then they can be considered if sheltered or older person accommodation is required.

     X.       Section 6.2 - Former tenancy debts - added regarding arrears ‘the current landlord has confirmed that an acceptable agreement has been maintained to clear the debt’.  

    XI.       Section 12.1 - Right to review - Added a sentence to make it clear that late reviews will be at the discretion of the council.

   XII.       Section 4.6 - Armed Forces Personnel - Added a section regarding former spouse or civil partners who needs to leave armed forces accommodation.


2.   That the amended policy be implemented with effect from Monday 11 February 2019.





Reasons for the Decision:


The council’s cabinet agreed the consultation draft of the allocations policy at its meeting on 18 October 2019. The Cabinet agreed to a period of consultation and to delegate authority to make any necessary minor amendments to the policy following the consultation.


The consultation has now been completed and responses analysed and considered. A number of minor amendments, as detailed above, have been incorporated into the policy as a result.


Alternative options considered and why they were rejected when the decision was made:


Consultation responses were carefully considered and the minor amendments incorporated were considered necessary to address issues raised during the consultation.


Details of any conflict of interest declared by any executive Member who has been consulted by the officer making the decision and of any dispensation granted to that executive Member by the Head of Paid Service:




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1.   Allocations Policy

2.   Allocations Policy Consultation Report


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Cabinet - 18 October 2018


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Please attach any report considered when making the decision (if applicable):