Thanet Health and Wellbeing Board


Minutes of the meeting held on 25 May 2017 at 10.00 am in the Austen Room, Council Offices, Cecil Street, Margate, Kent.





Madeline Homer (Chairman); Councillors L Fairbrass (Thanet District Council), Clive Hart (Thanet Clinical Commissioning Group), Sharon McLaughlin (Thanet Children's Committee) and Colin Thompson (Kent County Council)


In Attendance:

Karen Cook, Emma Hanson, Maria Howdon and Ailsa Ogilvie




7.            Appointment of Chairman and Vice Chairman for 2017/18


The Board agreed that Madeline Homer be the Chairman for this meeting only and that the election of the substantive Chairman of the Board for 2017/18 be deferred to the next meeting scheduled for 20 July 2017.


Madeline Homer in the Chair.




8.            Apologies for Absence


Apologies were received from the following members:


Dr Martin;

Cllr Wells;

Cllr Gibbens;

Hazel Carpenter;

Steve Inett.




9.            Declaration of Interest


There were no declarations of interest made at the meeting.




10.          Minutes of the Previous Meeting


The Board agreed the minutes to be a correct record of the meeting that was held on 9 March 2017.




11.          Local Care Update


Maria Howdon introduced the report with a PowerPoint presentation, which is attached as an annex to the minutes. During debate the following points were made:


·         The Enhanced Frailty Pathway was a scheme for the over 60s that is used to identify pre-frailty before onset of the condition;

·         A multi-disciplinary team was set up for this pathway;

·         A number of players are involved that include the Hospices;

·         There will be upskilling of staff;

·         Medicines Optimisation - This approach has helped identify some medicines that some patients do not need;

·         There was an increasing number of referrals coming from Age UK;

·         There is now a reduction in non-elective activity;

·         Feedback regarding this approach has been positive;

·         Benefits for Thanet have been an estimated £25k saving for the A&E As a result of IT SET up which has seen surgeries being able to access patients records across surgeries;

·         There has been a positive effect on staff turnover- before the new approach there were 24 nurse vacancies and currently there are none;

·         This is evidence that the approach is working and having some good results.


The Board made the following comments:

·         This was commendable work and there are opportunities to make the approach work even better;

·         Phase 2 of the programme will aim to improve access to services;

·         There is a Listening Event that has been arranged in Thanet to talk to the local residents about the East Kent Programme of working and the context within which the proposed changes to health delivery is going to work;

·         The Chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners, Dr Helen Lampard-Stokes and members of NHSE New Care Models Team will be visiting Thanet on 06 June 2017 and will be at the Sands Hotel. Appointments will be sent out to all Thanet Health & Wellbeing Board Members.




12.          Draft Kent Health and Wellbeing Strategy


Karen Cook introduced the report and the presentation was highly interactive. The following points were made:


·         The development of the Kent Health and Wellbeing Strategy was a statutory requirement;

·         The strategy sets out the priorities of the health requirements of the local population and this helps with the planning and commissioning decisions;

·         STP, Case for Change & Development – These were contextual issues in which the strategy was being developed;

·         The Kent Delivery Board signed off the draft strategy on 22 March 2017;

·         Thanet HWB was being asked to provide some feedback to the draft strategy;

·         A formal consultation would be conducted and focus group discussions will also be held with the voluntary sector;


Priority 1 - Developing a preventative approach

·         Highlight the need to address reasons why individuals develop such problems;

·         Emphasise the need for early diagnosis for diabetes to prevent the problem getting worse;

·         Kent and Medway has been awarded There was a £1.4 million funding to increase patient participation in structured for educational programme for Kent and Medway on how individuals can live better lifestyles to improve self management;

·         Good housing helps towards creating that better lifestyle;

·         Transient housing is one of the problems affecting supporting families;

·         Social housing does improve housing conditions for communities;

·         A presentation on housing at the next Board meeting would be helpful;

·         There is a working group that is reviewing the measures of the work currently in progress.


Priority 2 - Improving children’s health and wellbeing

·         In Thanet there is a 13 month wait list for diagnosis and getting help with children with speech and language difficulties;

·         Smoking in premises should also be included in the strategy as it affects children;

·         Alcohol misuse in young people needs to be in the strategy.


Priority 3 - Promoting good mental health and emotional wellbeing

·         Resilience and prevention should be some of the terms to use in the strategy;

·         ADHDA and ASCA & C assessments – there is a backlog issue which needs addressing;

·         It was important to be mindful of medicalising behaviour.


Priority 4 - People are supported to live well as they age and stay independent for as long as possible

·         Socialisation will need to be included as one of the factors that contribute to an individual’s wellbeing.


Priority - 5 Reducing health inequalities

·         Commissioning services might be the key to addressing the issue of resource allocation where there are competing demands;

·         Commissioners would need to be given the right tools to make decisions that will deliver services that are effective;


Priority 6 - The system works well together to support people in hospital and in the community

·         There were no suggestions made for this priority.


In summary the Board agreed that these priorities in the draft strategy were appropriate for Thanet.


Members request that a presentation be made to the next meeting on the ‘Housing Situation in Thanet (in General).’ The discussion would focus on the housing situation in Thanet in the context of health and wellbeing of the local community.




13.          East Kent Delivery Board Update


Alisa Ogilvie led the discussion and gave a brief update regarding the work of the Delivery Board and made the following points:


·         Changes being driven at East Kent level were the same as those underway in Thanet;

·         A Listening Event has been arranged for end of June/ early July 2017;

·         The event will receive wide publicity;

·         A number of staff have been ‘Esther Trained;’

·         Esther listening events were going to be conducted in June 2017.


The report was noted.




14.          Thanet Health and Wellbeing Board Membership


Members raised the following points:


·         Was the timing right for the board to consider including the voluntary sector in the Board membership moving forward?

·         The voluntary sector was a key stakeholder in health and wellbeing matters for the local community;

·         The challenge was to come up with selection criteria for appointing representatives that was fair;

·         It might be that a representative each representing children’s and another representing adults’ wellbeing is appointed;

·         Members were going to explore this further outside the meeting and feedback to the next Board meeting.


Subject to the above, there was agreement to voluntary sector membership.


11.00 am:

The Board briefly adjourned the meeting to observe a minute’s silence.



Sharon McLaughlin gave an update on current work activities of the LCPG as follows:

·         2 sub-groups have been set up;

·         One is the Opportunities to Achieve Sub Group;

·         Another is the Keeping Safe Sub Group;

·         Between them they run a number of projects that can access £55,000 that was allocated this year to the assist with the work of the LCPG;


Opportunities to Achieve projects

·         One of the projects is on working with children

·         Child in need and child protection;

·         Another project was on working with youth groups in Broadstairs (diversion activities in summer);


Keeping Safe projects

·         Oasis are working with selected primary schools;

·         In discussion with Penny Button on another a project idea for supporting troubled families, which could focus on domestic abuse in Thanet;

·         There was a suggestion that early intervention to work with affected children affected by domestic abuse from an early age;

·         There were current considerations for joint funding with the Arts Council on working with young children (early years)

·         And working with frontline stuff on how to de-escalate situations at the workplace.






Meeting concluded: 11.10 am