Date:               9 December 2019

Ask For:          Emily Kennedy

Direct Dial:     (01843) 577046



Planning Committee


18 December 2019


A meeting of the Planning Committee will be held at 7.00 pm on Wednesday, 18 December 2019 in the Council Chamber, Council Offices, Cecil Street, Margate, Kent.




Councillor Tomlinson (Chairman); Councillors: Coleman-Cooke (Vice-Chairman), Albon, J Bayford, Currie, Dennis, Duckworth, Garner, Hart, Keen, Scott, Scobie, Taylor and Wright










1.         Apologies for Absence



2.         Declarations of Interest  (Pages 3 - 4)


To receive any declarations of interest.  Members are advised to consider the advice contained within the Declaration of Interest advice attached to this Agenda.  If a Member declares an interest, they should complete the Declaration of Interest Form




3.         Minutes of Previous Meeting  (Pages 5 - 20)


To approve the Minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 20 November 2019, copy attached.




4.         F/TH/19/0925 - Land Adjacent Former Primrose Cottage, Wayborough Hill, Minster (Pages 21 - 38)



5.         Schedule of Planning Applications  (Pages 39 - 42)


To consider the report of the Director of Community Services, copy attached for Members of the Committee.


Note: Copies of correspondence relating to applications received will be available for members’ perusal in the Members’ Room from 5.00pm on the Friday before the meeting until the date of the meeting.





For Approval



5a        A01 - F/TH/19/0215 - Land South Of Laundry Road, Minster, Ramsgate (Pages 43 - 64)



5b       A02 - FH/TH/19/1385 -  160 Beacon Road, Broadstairs (Pages 65 - 70)




For Refusal



5c        R03 - F/TH/19/1327 - Unit 4 Princes Road, Ramsgate (Pages 71 - 76)



5d       R04 - F/TH/19/1005 - The Waves Hotel At 2 Hengist Road, Birchington (Pages 77 - 84)




For Deferral



5e       D05 - F/TH/19/0874 - St Helens Poplar Road, Broadstairs (Pages 85 - 92)



5f        D06 - OL/TH/19/0126 - 145 Monkton Road, Minster (Pages 93 - 106)



5g       D07 - F/TH/19/1054 - St Nicholas Court Farm Court Road, St Nicholas At Wade (Pages 107 - 118)

























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