Proposed Timetable and milestones for the Thanet Local Plan


This is the proposed revised timetable and milestone for preparing the Thanet Local Plan. It sets out all stages (key milestones) for decisions and public consultation:



Stage 1

SA/SEA Scoping                                                                      Complete May 2014

Public Consultation (Issues and Options)                                    Complete Aug 2013



Stage 2


Formulate Preferred Options (Draft Local Plan)                           Completed May 2014

Revise Preferred Options (Draft Local Plan)                                Completed Oct 2014

LP CAG                                                                                    18th Nov 2014

Overview and Scrutiny Panel                                                      27th Nov 2014

Cabinet Approval                                                                      11th Dec 2014


Public Consultation Draft Thanet Local Plan to 2031

Preferred Option                                                                      Jan - Feb 2015



Stage 3


Review Representation                                                              April 2015

Revise Draft Local Plan                                                             June 2015

LP CAG                                                                                    July 2015

Cabinet Approval                                                                      Aug 2015

Council                                                                                     Aug 2015


Publication and Pre-submission consultation                          Sep - Oct 2015



Stage 4


Formulate / review representation                                               Nov 2015

LP CAG                                                                                    Dec 2015

Cabinet / Council Approval                                                        Jan  2016


Submission to SoS      (6 weeks for publication)                      Feb 2016



Stage 5


Examination in Public (Dependent upon Planning Inspector Availability)             May 2016         

Planning Inspector Report                                                          July 2016



Stage 6


Review Amendments                                                                 Sep 2016

Publication and Consultation                                                      Oct / Nov 2016

Cabinet / Council                                                                       Jan 2017


Adoption of Thanet Local Plan                                                 Feb 2017