AGS Significant Issue 2015/2016  

Suggested Action Heading & (Owner)

Task List



Information Governance

Director of Corporate Governance

·         Appoint Information Governance Manager and Officer

·         Undertake review of readiness for General Data Protection Regulations

·         Create action plan following review

·         Secure appropriate training including e-learning

·         Approve new Information Governance policies




Rationalise assets



Director of Corporate Resources

·         Complete draft asset management plan

·         Secure Cabinet approval

·         Put in place mitigation and control measures around compliance



Delivery of Annual Governance Statement






Director of Corporate Governance

·         Review and refresh documents in the assurance statements

·         Improve timeliness of assurance statements

·         Implement Delivering Good Governance in Local Government 2016 Framework

·         Access to policies and e-learning for frontline staff



Public Sector Equality Duty

Director of Corporate Governance

·         Provide training on evidence of compliance with PSED in decision-making

·         Put in place programme to review policies

·         Identify training needs and create training plan