Thanet Health and Wellbeing Board


Minutes of the meeting held on 9 March 2017 at 10.00 am in the Council Chamber, Council Offices, Cecil Street, Margate, Kent.





Dr Tony Martin (Chairman); Councillors L Fairbrass (Thanet District Council), Clive Hart (Thanet Clinical Commissioning Group), Madeline Homer (Thanet District Council) and Colin Thompson (Kent County Council).




1.            Apologies for Absence


Apologies were received from the following Board members:


Sharon McLaughlin;

Councillor Gibbens;

Mark Lobban;

Hazel Carpenter.




2.            Declaration of Interests


There were no declarations of interest made at the meeting.




3.            Minutes of the Previous Meeting


The minutes of the meeting held on 12 January 2017 were agreed as a correct record.




4.            Maternal Smoking Cessation Update


Claire Haywood, Commissioning Support Manager (Maternity and Acute Paediatrics), Thanet CCG provided the update which detailed how additional funding to reduce maternal smoking would be used.


During consideration of the item it was noted that:


·         There was currently no data available on the effects of ‘vaping’ while pregnant.   Vaping was not being offered to pregnant women as an alternative to smoking within Thanet.

·         Maternal smoking rates within Thanet were disproportionally high when compared to areas with a similar level of deprivation.

·         Midwifery compliance with carbon monoxide (CO) testing and referral to stop smoking services had been poor in Thanet, however compliance had begun to improve with the introduction of a specialist Midwife.

·         Midwives would attend challenging conversation training and Ms Haywood would be present to emphasise the importance of addressing smoking during pregnancy.

·         It was hoped that funding could be used to enhance the current Stop Smoking Service in order to offer home visits to pregnant mothers.

·         There was enough funding to offer home visits from a stop smoking advisor for nine months, after this time the contract was due for tender. If the service was successful, Public Health would consider the inclusion of stop smoking advisor home visits when looking at the contract tender.

·         The new contract should include performance targets for compliance with CO testing and referrals.  A financial penalty could be included for poor performance.

·         Ms Haywood would confirm to Mr Hart whether the Thanet South and Thanet North areas mentioned in the report referred to parliamentary boundaries.




5.            East Kent Delivery Board Update


Ailsa Ogilvie, Chief Operating Officer, Thanet CCG introduced the item.


During consideration of the item it was noted that:


·         There would be a presentation at a future board meeting to show specifically how integration related to Thanet.

·         There had been a successful acute urgent response pilot which had kept people safe outside of the hospital setting.  It was proposed to extend the pilot for a further three months.

·         A recent listening event, to update the public on the programme of work, had been well attended.  The main themes highlighted by attendees of the event were:

o    Travel – times, public transport, roads.

o    Workforce – shortages, stress for staff

o    Local care – want services closer to home

o    Voluntary sector – funding, integration

o    Prevention – more focus needed on self-care;

o    Aspiration, isolation issues

o    New housing – pressure on the system

o    QEQM – worried services will change

·         These themes would form the basis of future consultation.

·         Councillors would be kept up to date as it was recognised that they had an important role to play within the community.




6.            Integrating Children's Commissioning


Jane O’Rourke, Head of East Kent Children’s Commissioning Support, Thanet CCG and Karen Sharp, Head of Public Health Commissioning and Health of Children’s Strategic Commissioning, KCC introduced the item by giving a summary of the work undertaken in North Kent and the impact on service provision that had been seen.


During consideration of the item it was noted that:


·         The project in North Kent had a focus on disabled children’s services.  The focus could be on any local priority.

·         A key methodology was to focus initially on what was to be achieved, then consider the structural requirements for integration later in the process.

·         Some of the challenges experienced as a result of integration in North Kent included; language differences between organisations, cultural differences, compatibility of IT systems and access to shared documents.

·         Thanet District Council had a strong history of integrated working with partners, and would be open to suggestions for further integration.


The Board agreed to look at an integrated approach to the support and enhancement of children’s wellbeing through schools. The Board wished to invite an Area Education Officer to a future meeting in order to consider what avenues for integration maybe appropriate.








Meeting concluded: 11.00 am