Thanet District Council - Housing Allocation Policy


Summary of amendments


      Updated landlord information and the volume of council lets allocated from 2016 to 2017-2018.

      Section 1.2 has been added to ensure eligibility is clear

      Section 2.1 added ‘Households that have fled domestic abuse from another district will be exempt from this criteria’. (new statutory guidance)

      Section 2.3 amended to remove exclusion for unacceptable behaviour but to reduce priority to band D.

      Section 2.4 Policy reflects a timescale on voluntary worsening of 12 months.

      Section 3.1 Factor 4 added in band C to include key workers and Factor 3 added in band D following case law on households with former tenancy debts.

      Added section 3.2 to reflect waiting times

      Section 3.3 reviewed to ensure that those recommended ground floor homes only and unable to manage stairs will not be considered for houses unless adapted.

      Section 3.5 added that bedsits will meet the housing needs of a single person.

      Section 3.5 additional definition of families with one child (over 16) to ensure they are considered for flats and maisonettes only

      Added sensitive lettings in Section 3.9

      Added direct lettings Section 3.10

      Added refusals section 3.11

      Section 4.1 added ‘for legacy homeless cases that were accepted a full homeless duty before the 3 April 2018 will be prioritised to band B. 

      Section 4.7 Key workers added

      Clarified section 6.1 to state the Council ‘expects the tenant to clear their rent account before an offer of accommodation is made’

      Additional information added relating to Management Transfers in section 8.3

      Information added under section 8.4 about the Government’s newly established ‘Right to Move’ for certain social housing tenants.

      Added 9.1 auto bidding information

      Removal of Section 9.4 discretionary powers

      Section 10.2 expanded to include pre-assessment for housing

      Section 10.4 added ‘placing bids’

      Section 10.7 added that if no bids placed within 6 months when there are available homes to bid on they may be removed from the housing register

      Section 11 added Homeless Reduction Act added outlining the new duties

      Section 14 GDPR content amended and udpated.