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Decision for Coastal & Beach Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO)

Meeting: 18/03/2021 - Cabinet (Item 718)

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Councillor Albon presented the report and members noted the following:


·  A new PSPO is proposed to replace all previous beach byelaws.

·  It focuses on education and changing behaviour primarily.

·  There will be an increased enforcement presence including externally funded warden patrols who will provide support with:

-  making rules clear

-  challenging behaviour

-  presenting as a deterrent

·  The PSPO includes tighter controls on the use of Personal Powered Watercraft and the ability to fine those behaving antisocially.

·  Changes have been made to the report in response to comments from OSP, Members’ Briefings and the consultation feedback.


Jasmin Vickers, Director of Environment, updated Members on the Jet Ski amendments to the code of conduct:


·  The original plan was to remove access to all launch places unless users became members of the local clubs.

·  This was rejected after consultation and the plan now is to close the Margate launch site but leave the Ramsgate Eastcliff site, reviewing again after this season.

·  Users need a PWC proficiency qualification - with a grace period provided for those with club memberships.

·  Other requirements include that riders must be over 17 years old, vehicles must not be modified, they must have insurance and display the number plate clearly. Breaches will result in termination of membership and/or a fine for irresponsible jet ski usage according to the rules of the PSPO.

·  Launch sites will be restricted with key access.

·  There will also be an additional safety measure of installing buoys around the swim area at Ramsgate.


Councillors Wing & Ashbee spoke under Council Procedure Rule 20.1.


Councillor Albon proposed, Councillor Everitt seconded and members agreed to adopt the new beaches and coast PSPO on 18 March 2021, in accordance with the Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB), Crime and Policing Act 2014.

Meeting: 18/02/2021 - Overview & Scrutiny Panel (Item 288)

288 Foreshore and Coastal Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) pdf icon PDF 119 KB

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Ms Vickers introduced the report and said the following:


·  The new PSPO would have in support a new coastal code of conduct for users;

·  It will have similar penalty fines to the Dog PSPO for breaches and will be in force for three years. The current fines were £100;

·  The code of conduct would help with managing anti-social behaviour by beach users. This code would help business as well that were particularly affected by ASB;

·  The Order had been drafted in a way that was more understandable and clear to costal users;

·  This Order was about advising the public on what we expect from them and what they can expect from the council;

·  Deploying patrols at beaches to have that presence was a good idea that would be followed through;

·  There were also rule changes regarding BBQ at beaches and jet skis;

·  An FAQs list would be drawn up for the public to refer to;

·  There would be further clarification on obstruction on promenades;

·  Targeted enforcement at hotspots like car carks would be considered;

·  The use of mobile CCTV was suggested and would be considered as well;

·  There would be a dedicated officer in the enforcement team supported by a dog warden focusing on PSPOs;

·  There would also be covid wardens who would be focusing on coastal areas;

·  Officers were also looking at the unintended consequences of the PSPO, which could be displacement of ASB to other areas of the district.


·  Members asked questions and made comments as well:


·  Stakeholders were keen to engage the council regarding the content and enforcement of the proposed PSPO;

·  Was Pegwell Bay going to receive specific funding to help create public awareness about the conservation matters relating to the area?

·  Was there any plan to manage kite surfing in Ramsgate Main Sands?

·  One of the reasons for obstruction at promenades was a lack of understanding by users, be they walking, running or cycling;

·  Would the council be issuing special BBQ bins for beaches?

·  In order to manage the nuisance caused by unauthorised vehicles at beaches and promenades, would pop up barriers be installed?

·  How would bonfires be managed using the new Order?

·  Will there be a dedicated telephone number that the public can call to report breaches?


·  Ms Vickers responded as follows:


·  With regards to Pegwell Bay, the council was trying to engage external agencies to ensure that they increased their presence more frequently in the area;

·  The council was considering increasing signage and informing the public about what was expected of them when they are visiting the bay area;

·  Officers could look into the issue of setting up BBQ bins at beaches;

·  Pop up barriers were set up last year. Extra bollards had been installed during this winter. Officers would be speaking to Your Leisure Council about setting up pop up barriers for Broadstairs;

·  Multi-agency meeting would be held ahead of the coming summer to find the best ways of policing hotspots for unauthorised parties.


·  Members noted the report whose officer recommendation to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 288