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Memorials Working Party Party Update

Meeting: 20/04/2021 - Overview & Scrutiny Panel (Item 301)

301 Memorials Working Party Update pdf icon PDF 98 KB


Councillor Stuart Piper, Chairman of the Memorials Working Party gave a brief update of the activities of the working party and advised the Panel that it would be best to wait for the upcoming new legislation on monuments before advising cabinet on a council policy on this subject. The new legislation would provide government guidance that would help shape the council policy on how to manage memorials, plaques and monuments in the district.


Councillor Bayford proposed, Councillor Coleman-Cooke seconded and the Panel agreed to keep the Memorials Working Party activities in abeyance until the new government legislation on national heritage monuments has been passed by Parliament.

Meeting: 19/01/2021 - Overview & Scrutiny Panel (Item 276)

276 Memorials Working Party Update Report pdf icon PDF 86 KB


Councilor Stuart Piper, Chair of the Memorials Working Party led the discussion and gave the update as follows:


  • The working party was joined in the discussions by a member of the public;
  • Members agreed to seek some lessons from other council that have had to address similar issues, including from Liverpool City Council;
  • On 17 January 2021, Community Secretary Robert Jenrick announced a change in law to protect public monuments;
  • The Secretary said that the public should have a chance to be consulted on such matters, before statues and monuments were removed;
  • Thoughtful considerations should be given before such decisions were made to remove status and monuments from public view;
  • When coming with its own policy, the council would always need to use the proper process when making future decision on statues and monuments;
  • The new law would require that any future decisions to remove heritage monuments, would need to go through the planning process and public consultation in accordance with the constitution of the local council;
  • The Secretary of Communities would retain the right of veto power on such decisions, which could used to overrule any local decisions;
  • The working party was now waiting for the lead officer to draft the policy document for review by Members before reporting back to the Panel.


Members noted the report.