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2022-23 Budget Strategy

Meeting: 18/11/2021 - Cabinet (Item 771)

771 Budget and Medium Term Financial Strategy 2022-26 pdf icon PDF 260 KB


Members considered proposals for the budget and medium term financial strategy for 2022-2026. The discussion explored the context and approach to setting next year’s budget.


The financial projections considered came with a health warning because they are based on the best estimations by the Finance Department on the latest impact of the budget announcements; all of which were subject to change. Although early indications on funding for the forthcoming year were positive, the full impact of the announcements will not be known until the settlement is received in December and as a result the report highlighted the delicate financial situation for the Council.


Apart from Government funding, there were inflationary pressures of about £1.1 million each year, which cannot be covered by increases in Council Tax and fees and charges alone.


Table 1 in paragraph 3 to the cabinet report sets out the overall picture and it projects a budget gap of £0.691 million in 2022-23. These figures were rough projections. The council would need to start re-thinking how to best deliver services over the medium term. Section 9 of this report identified some options for further exploration to help contribute to savings over the medium term and the recommendations contained, sought Cabinet support to:


  1. Approve this Strategy;
  2. Provide direction on how to bridge the budget gap;
  3. That Cabinet commits to the development of a long term saving plan that exceeds £2 million, to help bridge the gap over the medium term.


The following Members spoke under Council Procedure Rule 20.1:


Councillor Austin;

Councillor Albon;

Councillor Garner;

Councillor Yates.


Councillor Saunders proposed Councillor Kup seconded and Members agreed that:


1.  The 2022-26 Budget and Medium Term Financial Strategy be approved;


2.  Cabinet provides direction on how the 2022-23 budget gap should be bridged;


3.  Cabinet commits to the development of a long-term savings plan that exceeds £2m, in order to close the forecast medium term budget gaps.