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Event Policy and Suitability of Events Document to be implemented

Meeting: 18/11/2021 - Cabinet (Item 765)

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Members discussed the Events Policy and the meeting was advised that the policy was introduced in 2016 to provide guidance and support to event organisers while identifying the council's processes. Since then a review had been undertaken of this policy and the event process to ensure TDC were operating in the most efficient way for both TDC and event organisers.


The Events Policy terms and conditions and Suitability of Events documents had been designed to streamline the process and help organisers find information quickly. TDC wanted to ensure that moving forward, the process was clear and easy to understand to encourage people to organise events in the Thanet.


There are 6 main changes to the new documents:


  • Organisers were now required to read and sign the policy showing they understand all TDC terms and conditions;
  • Organisers were being asked to consider CO2 emissions and how they can be reduced;
  • Update to fees and charges to ensure a fair charging scale for different size events;
  • The introduction of the Suitability of Events document which outlines how the council made decisions on events;
  • The inclusion of brand promotions on TDC land to go through the events process;
  • A suggestion to change when events can take place on the beaches. The reasoning behind this was to ensure the public were able to access the beaches during the summer time and that there were no disruptions to concessionaires.


Events contributed to the local economy in the Thanet District. There had been over 230 events in Thanet over the last few years with a reduction due to the pandemic. This was predicted to increase in 2022 as the area recovered from the Covid19 pandemic. This had created the perfect opportunity to introduce a policy that was easy to understand along with a clear charging framework.


The policy outlined the importance of safety, identifying that events needed to be covid-19 compliant, and that organisers needed to be thinking about reducing carbon emissions in line with the climate emergency called by TDC in 2019. The new policy and supporting documents would be supported with the introduction of a new events administration system that was recommended by a number of Kent Councils and would ensure a better customer experience.


Councillor Keen spoke under Council Procedure Rule 20.1.


Councillor Kup proposed, Councillor Jill Bayford seconded and Cabinet agreed the following recommendations:


1.  The adoption of the events policy to include the Suitability of Events document and new fees and charges;


2.  That TDC liaise with Town Councils and Margate Trustees informing them of events happening locally (see page.3, Paragraph 4, Point ix in the events policy document which is an annex to the cabinet report).

Meeting: 26/10/2021 - Overview & Scrutiny Panel (Item 337)

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Penny Button, Director of Safer Neighbourhoods introduced the report and made the following points:


  • The Events Policy was first put in place in 2016;
  • Elle Sutton, Community Officer has been working on making a number of updates, including changes to the terms and conditions that have to be signed by the event organiser;
  • There is also an additional document attached to the policy which details what is on offer, i.e. the council land that can be hired by organisers;
  • There is also content on reduction of carbon emission;
  • The Suitability Events Documents controls the advertising associated with events;


  • A recommendation has been made that cabinet make a decision on whether date restrictions  should be in place for when beach events can take place;
  • Events sites have been updated;
  • Currently the council is charging for standard sites and Premium sites;
  • Once the update policy has been adopted by council, the charging rates would be for small, medium and large sites;
  • The costs are divided into community costs, commercial costs and enthusiasts costs;
  • Officers have spoken to events organisers and have received some feedback;
  • The policy proposal will be going to Cabinet on 18 November 2021.


Members made comments and asked questions as follows:


  • Was the insurance premium the same for all events?
  • The policy was now more readable and set out impressively;
  • Safety Action Group: Having a 4 week deadline to respond before the vent was not adequate. It was too short a deadline;
  • It would be a good idea for TDC to inform town/parish councils of upcoming events, so that no other events are organised around the same time. this would prevent smaller events being drowned out by bigger events that have larger sound systems;
  • Has the Climate Change officer been consulted?


  • Can the council transfer carbon offsetting to events organisers?
  • When parish councils are holding non commercial events on council land they are still charged for using council land. Why was this the case and could this not be changed?
  • Small groups that would like to host events are charged for officer time. Was that the case? If it was, this would put off any small groups from hosting events. Could this be considered?
  • The events notification form to be submitted at least 14 weeks before the hosting of the event: Although this has been reduced from 16 week; this was still too long, why?
  • Circulating a list of events would be handy. Can this be done?
  • Lighting of the beacon in June 2022: There is a need to plan for the health and safety measures to be put in place for that event;
  • It would be good for the district council to work closely with the town and parish councils on events matters.


Penny Button responded to Member comments and questions as follows:


  • The 14 weeks deadline is an absolute minimum. Discussions with event organisers would have started long before that deadline
  • Elle Sutton has been working on improving liaison between the council and parish/town councils regarding the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 337