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TLS KPI Q1 & Q2 2023/24

Meeting: 14/12/2023 - Cabinet (Item 71)

71 TLS KPI Q1 & Q2 - Housing Performance report pdf icon PDF 80 KB

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Members considered the performance report provided Cabinet with a view of the performance of the Council’s Tenant and Leaseholder Service (TLS) for Quarter 1 & Quarter 2 for 2023/24. This included performance information relating to two areas of the TLS and these were:


·  Operational performance against key indicators for the period from 1 April 2023 - 31 June 2023 and 1 July 2023 - 31 September 2023;


·  The management of tenant and leaseholder health and safety as of 31 June 2023 and 31 September 2023.


As evidenced by the thorough nature of these reports, a huge amount of work went into both collecting and analysing data within Housing and the comprehensive coverage of service performance was something that officers involved in producing this information deserve significant credit for. The new dashboard style reporting, which made information more accessible and very clear to understand was welcome worth special mention. The inclusion of in-depth reporting on the Council’s tower block retrofit and refurbishment programme, which was a huge piece of work, was exceptionally positive.


Cabinet was encouraged that gas compliance only had one outstanding case, and that this was linked solely to very complex access issues, as this indicated the level of effort officers had made and were making to ensure that residents were protected. Cabinet acknowledged that the drop in tenant arrears was extremely positive considering the level of financial stress that many residents were currently facing. This was evidence to the huge amount of support that the TLS team were giving to residents to help them access support that they may be entitled to and to support them when times were challenging.


Work in relation to voids was also very pleasing with faster turnaround times which meant more families accommodated more quickly. This was essential to reduce disruption to families and provide secure accommodation as quickly as possible. Cabinet commended reports from the Head of Tenant and Leaseholder Services as being always very thorough. Members also recognised the work that went into collating and presenting performance information and extended their appreciation to the Tenants and Leaseholder Services team.


Councillor Whitehead proposed, Councillor Keens seconded and Cabinet agreed to note the report.