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General Purposes Investigations & Disciplinary Sub-Committee

This page lists the meetings for General Purposes Investigations & Disciplinary Sub-Committee.


Information about General Purposes Investigations & Disciplinary Sub-Committee



To consider allegations/issues regarding disciplinary matters relating to the Head of Paid Service, the S.151 Officer and the Monitoring Officer.


To review existing decisions to suspend and to suspend the Head of Paid Service, Monitoring Officer and Section 151 Officer.


The Investigation and Disciplinary Sub-Committee will be formed from half of the members of the General Purposes Committee. This is subject to compliance with the requirements regarding political proportionaity.


(a) Members of the sub-committee must have completed mandatory training in respect of the latter function.

(b) For consistency, unless unavoidably indisposed or conflicted, once appointed, the same Members shall comprise the sub-committee (and any adjournment of it) over the course of the full consideration of the matter (and any related matter) that it has been convened to consider, until such time as the matter is disposed of.


The sub-committee must include at least one Cabinet Member.