Agendas, Reports & Minutes of Meetings


This page lists the meetings for Council.


Information about Council

Thanet District Council consists of 56 Members, otherwise known as Councillors.  Councillors must be registered voters in the Thanet District area or live or work within the district.


Further details, including the roles and functions of Councillors and the recognition of political groups are available in Article 2 of the Constitution.


The Annual meeting in May elects the Chair, Vice-Chair and Leader of the Council. While the Chair and Vice-Chair in effect have ceremonial roles to play, the Leader is concerned more with the political and service aspects of the Council and its relationship with Thanet residents and organisations, and local and national government. 


The Leader acts as Chairman of the Executive (Cabinet), and appoints the Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holders.


Further details, including the functions and types of Council meetings, are available in Article 4 of the Constitution.