Agenda item

Thanet Local Plan - Publication stage (Regulation 19) & Submission for Examination (Regulation 22)


It was proposed by the Leader and seconded by the Deputy Leader:


“(1)   That Council agree to proceed with the draft Local Plan as recommended to Council on 18 January 2018, with the revised distribution of sites and other amendments set out in this report, in the Addendum at Annex 2 and from the recommendations of the Cabinet meeting of 19 July namely to;


  • Amend Appendix B (housing supply phasing) of the draft Plan and other relevant references in the document to show an amended phasing; and


 -  Amend Addendum reference AD05 (final paragraph) to read:


“In the event that a DCO or CPO process is not accepted or granted, or does not proceed, the Council will need to consider the best use for this site, in the next Local Plan review after a minimum of two years.”


(2)  That Council agree for inclusion in the draft Local Plan the main changes in Annex 4 of the Council report of 18 January 2018, as modified by any decision on Recommendation (1) above (set out in Annex 1);


(3)  That Council agree for inclusion in the draft Local Plan the other changes set out in this report regarding the identification of additional Local Green Spaces, and a proposed new policy relating to foster homes in the district (also set out in the Addendum at Annex 2);


(4) That, subject to the other recommendations above, that authority be delegated to officers to make such minor technical and factual amendments to the draft Plan as are necessary for clarity and consistency;


(5)  That the draft Local Plan (as amended), together with the associated evidence base, including the Sustainability Appraisal/Habitat Regulations Assessment, and the draft Transport Strategy, be published for comment (under Reg 19) for a period of six weeks, and then subsequently be submitted for Examination (under Reg 22);


(6)  That the Council request the Examination Inspector, under Section 20(7) of the Planning & Compulsory Purchase Act 2004) to recommend any modifications to the draft Local Plan, which they consider are required in order to resolve problems that would otherwise make the Plan unsound or not legally compliant.”


Members raised the following points:


·  Concerns were raised regarding the increase in allocated sites on green sites and the impact of housing numbers on villages and towns in the district. There was debate about whether the proposed draft Local Plan would result in more or less employment in the district and what the impact would be on public services.

·  Concerns were raised regarding the soundness of the proposals and the potential for intervention from the DCLG but Members were keen to move forward with the Local Plan process.



The Monitoring Officer conducted a recorded vote on the motion as follows:


31 Member voted in favour of the motion: Councillors Ashbee, Bambridge, Bayford, Buckley, K Coleman-Cooke, Curran, Dawson, Day, Dennis, Dexter, Edwards, Evans, Game, Gregory, Hayton, Jaye-Jones, Martin, Messenger, Parsons, L Piper, S Piper, Pugh, Rogers, Rusiecki, D Saunders, M Saunders, Savage, Shonk, Taylor, Taylor-Smith and Tomlinson


21 Members voted against the motion: Councillors Braidwood, Brimm, Campbell, G Coleman-Cooke, Connor, Constantine, Crow-Brown, Dellar, Dixon, J Fairbrass, L Fairbrass, Falcon, Grove, Hillman, Johnston, Larkins, Matterface, Stummer-Schmertzing, Townend, Venables and Wells.


0 Members abstained from voting on the motion.


The motion was declared CARRIED.

Supporting documents: