Agenda item

Crime Stats in Thanet

Presentation by Kent Police


Chief Inspector Rhiannan Pepper presented her report and highlighted the following:

  • Victim based crime was slowly decreasing in volume. In 2018/19 it was 130 reported cases whilst in 2020/21 it was 122;
  • Arson and criminal damage, burglary, sexual offences and robbery were decreasing;
  • Thanet and county resources had been used as part of the intensification week that was conducted once a month to target crime areas, including organised crime;
  • During last year, a number of thefts and destruction incidents of motor vehicles and mopeds was attributed to five youths who had since been arrested and charged for the offences;
  • Shoplifting had increased across Kent. There were now town beat officers in each town and at Westwood Cross and it was hoped that this time next year the stats will be lower than they were at the moment;
  • With regards to violence against the person, 28% of all calls were from Thanet out of the five policing districts that fall under East Kent policing area and most of those calls relate to domestic abuse. This was disproportionately higher than calls that came from the other districts;
  • There was now an eight point engagement plan that was used to engage domestic abuse victims. This had helped secure high charge rate for offenders;
  • Anti Social Behaviour was particularly high in 2020/21 with April and May 2020 recording the highest stats;
  • In January this year, skateboarders in Leopold Car Park and Arlington Car Park were particularly problematic. Currently there were six PCSOs who were assisting with policing in those two problem areas and the reports were now fewer, but there was a need to look for a long term solution to this problem;
  • With regards to night time economy, Ramsgate area still had the highest crime rate and the police were conducting weekly analysis to identify the trends and deal with the problem;
  • Hate crime had increased and the police were looking at whether there were repeat hate crime victims and ensure wrap around support was given utilising our new Hate Crime team;
  • Stop and searches were being carried out mostly for drug misuse but on occasion in order to identify knife crime;
  • There had been a jump in knife crime in December and this was linked to youths being robbed whilst purchasing drugs. (More stats detail was contained in the presentation slides that were attached as an annex to the minutes).


Members asked questions and made comments as follows:

  • Was there any specific issues relating to online crime be it about scams or bullying?
  • Did the police record Thanet Villages' crime stats?
  • Could councillors arrange a street walk down with PCSOs? Westgate councillors would be interested in undertaking such an activity;
  • Could Westgate Town Council get crime stats reports at its meetings?
  • The Margate Task Force visits to Cliftonville were useful. Could these be resumed?|
  • Could the Panel receive a presentation on crime stats that provided a comparison with other districts in the county?


CI Pepper responded as follows:

  • There was no online crime that was Thanet specific that the Police were aware of. Kent Police would be conducting school visits for awareness engagement with school children about child sexual abuse;
  • Thanet Villages crime stats were recorded and regular meetings were held with Thanet Villages to share this information;
  • A presentation could be given to the Panel on domestic violence and what preventive measures the Police had taken to address the issue;
  • Once the lockdown was over PCSOs would be encouraged to visit and engage ward councillors and perhaps conduct street walks;
  • Moving forward, visits to wards (including in Cliftonville area) by Margate Task Force could resume;
  • A presentation on a comparison of crime stats between Thanet and other districts in the county could be brought to a future Panel meeting.


Members noted the report.

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