Agenda item

Parking & Waiting Review for Various Locations Across Thanet


Abigail Young, Parking Policy Officer, TDC, provided an overview of the Parking & Waiting Review including the following proposals:

·  Hibernia Street, Ramsgate – Extending the double yellow lines into a layby as access to the driveway of number 2 is hindered when trying to exit to the right

·  Tothill Street, Minster, Ramsgate – Install new double yellow lines to assist with access issues for emergency services and large waste and recycling vehicles

·  Ayton Road, Ramsgate – New double yellow lines on the tight bend outside 16, due to access issues for waste and recycling vehicles

·  St Georges Road, Broadstairs – New double yellow lines at the junction opposite, due to vehicles parking on the footway, meaning pedestrians have to walk into the road itself

·  Harold Road, Margate – Extending the double yellow lines already there, across the driveway of 56. This is to be in line with other residents in the area

·  Herbert Place, Margate – The address at number 8 to 11 to be added to the Margate West Permit Zone

·  Glebe Road / Gele Gardens, Garlinge, Margate – New double yellow lines to assist with access issues caused by vehicles parking close to tight bends

·  Old Boundary Road, Westgate-on-Sea – New double yellow lines for the entire length to improve flow of traffic and access


The following discussion opened up after the report was given:


·  Cllr. Quittenden wanted further clarification on the Tothill Street yellow lines. The officer replied by saying the request came from a member of the public and was being presented to this committee for approval

·  Cllr. Shonk asked how many enforcement officers are there and he expressed concerns about not having enough. The officer replied that a recent recruitment has brought in two more enforcement officers

·  Cllr. Cornford’s question was regarding Old Boundary Road and wanted to know if there were any plans to review the parking charges in the car park. The officer replied that the current charges are seasonal and only active between April and October, but there is no plans to review the charges at the current time. The proposal for double yellow lines came from the public who live in the area

·  Cllr. Lewis asked about Limes Surgery car park since the barriers had been vandalised and are non-functional. The officer replied by saying the car park is still fully chargeable, also TDC are still looking at options for that car park to see how it can be improved. Cllr. Lewis requested a more in-depth answer at the next committee meeting

·  Cllr. Hart brought up the Mill Lane car park and wanted to note there’s no height restriction marking

·  Cllr. Tonks expressed his concern with cars parking along Ramsgate Harbour Arm when there’s a sign restricting parking unless you’re fishing. He said that this is being abused and is resulting in a loss of revenue. The officer replied by saying this is managed by a different department, so she’ll have to get back to the member


Councillor Crow-Brown proposed, Councillor Hart seconded and Members agreed that:


“That subject to the views of this Board the recommendations shown in appendix 1 are approved and that the proposals which require statutory consultation are advertised, and that any traffic-related objections are reported back to a future meeting of the Board.”

Supporting documents: