Agenda item

Quarterly Internal Audit Update Report


Simon Webb, Deputy-Head of Internal Audit of East Kent Audit Partnership provided his report with the following key points:


·  Six new audits were completed this period, with a “Substantial” grade being awarded as the assurance level for three of the areas, including: “Business Rates”, “Discretionary Housing Payments” and “Officer Code of Conduct, Register of Interests & Gifts & Hospitality”

·  “Reasonable” assurance levels have been given to “Safeguarding” and “Dog Warden and Fly Tipping”

·  “Litter Enforcement” had no assurance level, this was due to the Council not undertaking any little enforcement activity at the current time

·  “Complaints Monitoring” also received a no assurance level, however the Council has updated it’s complaints procedures

·  Under the period of review, five follow-ups were carried out for “CCTV”, “Recruitment”, “Climate Change”, “Tenancy & Estates Management” and “ICT Procurement & Disposal”. None of them were given a limited or no assurance level

·  Progress to Date Against the Agreed Thanet District Council 2022-23 Audit Plan, shows that as of the 28th February 2023, these were up to 95% complete

·  Services given limited or no assurance level had been detailed which included “Complaints Monitoring” and these would be followed up in July

·  In regards to the Balanced Scorecard which is the KPIs for East Kent Audit Partnership, progress against the plan was at 75% as of the 31st December 2022


Following the report, members engaged in discussion and the following points were made:


·  Members expressed disappointment in regards to the “Dog Warden, Fly Tipping and Litter Enforcement” assurances. It was explained that finding individuals to fill these roles could be difficult through reasons of confrontation. However part of the budget had gone towards coastal enforcement, where officers could enforce litter activity during the quieter months

·  Interest was expressed by Members regarding the topics of  “Corporate Leak Investigation”, “PIR – Berth 2-5” and “Staff Matter” under the Responsive Assurance section of the Audit Progress table. “PIR – Berth 2-5” was said to be in the stages of being finalised and would be brought back to the committee at a later date

·  Members also commented on the section of the report regarding consideration of training and program routes for staff development to ask if it came under Civica or TDC staff. Civica would be providing some training and would also be implementing recommendations from TDC


Councillor Leys proposed, Councillor Dexter seconded and Members AGREED:


1.  That the report be received by Members;

2.  That any changes to the agreed 2022-23 internal audit plan, resulting from changes in perceived risk, detailed at point 5.0 of Annex 1 of the attached report be approved;

3.  That Members consider (where appropriate) requesting an update from the relevant Director/s to the next meeting of the Committee in respect of any areas identified as still having either limited or no assurance after follow-up;

4.  That Members consider registering their concerns with Cabinet in respect of any areas of the Council’s corporate governance, control framework or risk management arrangements in respect of which they have on-going concerns after the completion of internal audit follow-up reviews and update presentations from the relevant Director.

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