Committee details

Planning Committee

Purpose of committee

The Planning Committee is one of the Council’s Regulatory Committees, which have decision-making powers and report to full Council.  Membership is decided at the Annual Council meeting in May.  Further details about the responsibilities of the Planning Committee are available in:


Part 3 of the Constitution.


The exercise of functions


The Planning Committee determines major applications made under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, Listed Buildings Act 1990 and Hazardous Substances Act 1990. The determination of other types of planning applications is delegated to planning officers.


The Planning Committee also exercises Enforcement functions under those Acts (other than where the Planning Committee has delegated authority).  It deals with matters in relation to Public Rights of Way, Protection of Important Hedgerows and Tree Preservation and safety, and administers and enforces Building Regulation regimes for existing or proposed buildings.




Contact information

Support officer: Steven Matthews.

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