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Climate Emergency Cabinet Advisory Group

Purpose of committee

Climate Emergency Cabinet Advisory Group - Terms of Reference


The purpose of the Climate Emergency Cabinet Advisory Group is to coordinate and lead the Council’s response to the declaration of a climate emergency made by the full Council on 11th July 2019.


As part of this declaration the Council has resolved to:

  • Pledge to do what is within our powers and resources to make Thanet District Council carbon neutral by 2030, taking into account both production and consumption emissions;
  • Call on Westminster to provide the powers and resources to make the 2030 target possible;
  • Continue to work with partners across the County and region to deliver this new goal through all relevant strategies;
  • Investigate all possible sources of external funding and match funding to support this commitment;


The group’s key aim will be to look at new and existing ways to respond to the climate emergency, taking the steer from national and county policy, as advised by the TDC Officer working group. To consider and make recommendations to the cabinet. 


This group will drive the production of an Energy and Low Emissions Strategy and action plan linked with the Kent Energy and Low Emission Strategy, monitor the progress and delivery of this including the following draft priorities:

  1. Production of a Full Carbon Footprint for Thanet District Council’s estates and activities and a Carbon Reduction Plan. 
  2. Low Carbon Public Sector Decision Making including Procurement and Planning
  3. External Funding for Climate Change Action
  4. Retrofitting Programme
  5. Sustainable Transport
  6. Natural Solutions to Climate Change
  7. Supporting Low Carbon Businesses and Society
  8. Climate Change Education and Communication

The group will also drive and monitor the production of a TDC Tree and Biodiversity Strategy which will address both climate change and the ecological emergency. 

All the activities will be assessed against TDC’s resources and capacity to support delivery. These projects/schemes will be developed in line with changing legislation and local commitments, and where necessary seek the relevant Cabinet/Management approval.


This is a cross-party Working Group.The group will be chaired by Cllr Bob Bayford, Cabinet Member for Environmental Services and Special Projects.


Number of Members


Political Composition

4 Conservative

2 Labour

1 Thanet Independents

1 Green



Substitute Members Permitted


Political balance rules apply


Appointments/Removals from Office

By Cabinet Member for Environmental Services and Special Projects/ Leader of Council

Restrictions on Membership

None (could be a member of a political party that has an interest or knowledge in the subject area)

Restrictions on Chairmanship






  • The group will meet every 2 months until agreed otherwise and meeting dates will be set in advance by the chair.
  • The meetings will be held at TDC sites or online
  • Agenda items will be circulated and minutes taken at each meeting. These minutes will be published.
  • Corporate Management Team - A nominated champion from CMT will represent the working groups and provide support as required. They may attend the Member or Officer Working Group



The work of the Cabinet Advisory Group is restricted to the stated terms of reference highlighted above unless they are reviewed by the Leader.


This Cabinet Advisory Group was established through terms of reference approved by an Individual Cabinet Member decision made by the Leader of Council on 2nd September 2021.


Contact information

Support officer: Gabriella Stewart.