Issue - decisions

Budget Monitoring 2021-22: Report No.1

30/07/2021 - Budget Monitoring 2021-22: Report No.1

Cabinet agreed the following:


1.  To fund the budget gap as at para 5.2 to the Cabinet report as detailed below:


“Currently it is anticipated that there will be £1m remaining in the Covid reserve as at the end of 2020-21 based on provisional outturn and it is proposed that this, along with the £1m forecast additional emergency funding, and anything received through Sales Fees and Charges compensation will fund this gap, if it materialises.”


2.  To the change in HRA funding as set out in para 7.2 of the Cabinet report, as detailed below:


“To budget virements totalling £897k to fund pressures within the HRA”


3.  To the updated General Fund capital programme as set out in Section 6 and Annex 1 to the Cabinet report.