Issue - decisions

Sign off of the Final draft of the Net Zero Strategy and underlying Net Zero Action Plan

03/03/2023 - Net Zero Strategy and Action Plan

Cabinet agreed:


1.  To approve the proposed recommended additions to the Net Zero Strategy:


a.  To add interim targets (to 2030 and 2040) for the emissions the council has partial control over in the next action plan. This action plan will be written in 2024;


b.  To add the emissions from home working to future carbon footprinting calculations; 


c.  To consider calculating emissions from staff commuting when resources become available to collate the more complicated data set; 


d.  To work with KCC on Local area energy planning to devise a plan for renewable energy across the district, where resources allow; 


e.  To set out a clear plan to ensure that all staff are educated on climate change.

2.  To approve the Final Net Zero Strategy 2023;


3.  To continue to note that the strategy cannot be fully implemented without external funding being available, and agreed, in accordance with the pledge, to lobby external agencies and government.