Issue - decisions

Jackey Bakers petition

15/12/2023 - Jackey Bakers Recreation Ground

Cabinet agreed the following, to:


a)  Approve the demolition of the existing pavilion on the basis of health and safety (subject to the Local Planning Authority giving prior approval*);


b)  Approve the purchase of a temporary portacabin style changing facility once demolition has occurred;


c)  Approve a public engagement exercise to inform the master planning for Jackey Bakers, based on  Section 1 the draft master plan attached at annex 1;


d)  Explore facilities that will be installed that will encourage safe enjoyment of Jackey Bakers by girls and young women;


e)  Ensure the temporary changing facilities are properly insured and secured;


f)  Delegate authority to the Chief Executive Officer to investigate the options for a future development on the site based on the master plan, to include a new car park, new pavilion (to include changing facilities) and other sporting/recreational facilities that might enhance the offer at the site. A report will be represented to the Overview and Scrutiny Panel and the Cabinet once these options have been further explored.



* Local Planning Authority approval was granted on 13 December 2023.