Statutory Notice for Forthcoming Decisions

Statutory Notice for Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
TLS KPI Q1 & Q213/10/2021For Determination16/12/2021
Letting of the following service contracts: Communal cleaning Waking watch and tower block security13/10/2021For Determination18/11/2021
Increase provision of HRO’s13/10/2021For Determination16/12/2021
Letting of contract for programme of works at Churchfields, Margate13/10/2021For Determination18/11/2021
Recommend to Council that the council opt into the national scheme for auditor appointments from April 202323/09/2021For Determination09/12/2021
Financial Management Review27/08/2021For Determination18/11/2021
Statement of Community Involvement (Planning)21/07/2021For Determination14/10/2021
Event Policy and Suitability of Events Document to be implemented14/07/2021For Determination18/11/2021
Corporate Risk Management Quarterly Update09/06/2021For Determination03/2022
Treasury Management Strategy & Annual Investment Strategy 2022-2309/06/2021For Determination13/01/2022
Budget Monitoring 2021-22: Report No.309/06/2021For Determination13/01/2022
HRA Budget 2022-2309/06/2021For Determination10/02/2022
Budget 2022-2309/06/2021For Determination10/02/2022
Medium Term Financial Strategy 2022-2609/06/2021For Determination13/01/2022
Budget Monitoring 2021-22: Report No.209/06/2021For Determination18/11/2021
Fees and Charges 2022-2309/06/2021For Determination18/11/2021
Corporate Risk Management Quarterly Update09/06/2021For Determination11/2021
Treasury Management Mid-Year Review 2021-2209/06/2021For Determination18/11/2021
2022-23 Budget Strategy09/06/2021For Determination18/11/2021
Corporate Risk Management Quarterly Update09/06/2021For Determination01/12/2021
General Fund & HRA Final Outturn 2020-2109/06/2021For Determination13/01/2022