Individual Cabinet Member Decisions

Individual Cabinet Member Decisions

03/06/2021 - Capital Project - High Street Heritage Action Zone Grant Payment ref: 5057    Recommendations Approved

Approval is being sought to commit £150,550 of external funding to the Capital Programme. The funding is from Historic England and is a grant payment to a specific property owner in Ramsgate as a contribution to their capital renovation costs for a listed building in the High Street Heritage Action Zone (HS HAZ) area.


The property owners have delivered considerable renovations to a long term vacant and dilapidated space, and have provided a source of funding which is acting as the wider HS HAZ match funding. The grant payment has been approved by Historic England and all legal documents have been provided and signed off by all parties.

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member for Port and Harbours, Ramsgate Regeneration and Planning

Decision published: 03/06/2021

Effective from: 04/06/2021


1.  To approve a supplementary General Fund capital budget of £150,550 for a High Street Heritage Action Zone grant payment, to be wholly funded from external grant contributions;


2.  To give delegated authority to the Director of Regeneration pay the grants on the basis of the sign off from Historic England;


3.  To give delegated authority to the Director of Law and Democracy, in consultation with the Director of Regeneration, to sign the contract documents and any other necessary documents to give effect to this decision.

Lead officer: Louise Askew