Individual Cabinet Member Decisions

Individual Cabinet Member Decisions

06/04/2021 - Decarbonisation of the Kent Innovation Centre ref: 5053    Recommendations Approved

TDC called a climate emergency in 2019 and pledged to become net carbon zero by 2030. £1.1 million has been awarded to TDC through the Public Sector Decarbonisation Fund to decarbonise the Kent Innovation Centre. The funds need to be moved to the Capital Programme to enable the project to progress. This project will be added to the Forward Plan and a full report will be brought to Council.

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member for Finance, Administration and Community Wealth Building

Decision published: 06/04/2021

Effective from: 14/04/2021


Move the Public Sector Decarbonisation Fund (of £1.1 million) to the capital programme.

Lead officer: Dr Hannah Scott

31/03/2021 - ARGs 2021-22 ref: 5052    Recommendations Approved

New guidelines have been issued by the Government for the next round of Additional Restrictions Grants (ARGs). This report seeks approval for the operation of these ARGs.

Decision Maker: Leader of the Council

Decision published: 31/03/2021

Effective from: 10/04/2021


  1. All existing businesses that have already proven eligibility for an ARG should be included in the new scheme, subject to supplying the further information requirements of the new scheme (see section 3);
  2. There will be no appeals mechanism for the new ARG scheme (section 4);
  3. Previously-approved businesses will be deemed to be eligible for the new scheme, and the application process for these businesses will be as straightforward as allowed by the BEIS guidance. Other businesses will have to apply for a grant via a new application process (section 5);
  4. The Deputy Chief Executive, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Finance, Administration & Community Wealth Building, agrees the methodology of any residual distribution of old ARG funding, in order to quickly access the new funding (section 6);
  5. The same value of grant is paid to a business whether or not it has previously received an ARG (paragraph 7.3);
  6. The tiered approach be maintained, with the value of grants (which is still to be set, by the Deputy Chief Executive in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Finance, Administration & Community Wealth Building, depending on funding and anticipated demand) being in proportion to the previous scheme, based on RV (paragraph 7.5);
  7. To adopt the process set out in paragraph 7.8. In doing so, it should be noted that there is a risk of overspending, if the volume of eligible businesses proves to be significantly in excess of that predicted;
  8. To note that if BEIS guidance revises the new scheme in any significant way that requires another member decision, then this will be the subject of another report.

Lead officer: Tim Willis