Individual Cabinet Member Decisions

Individual Cabinet Member Decisions

09/04/2019 - Petition Response - Petition regarding Broadstairs Toilet Refurbishment ref: 4602    Recommendations Approved

A petition presented by Mr Irving has been received requesting that the capital receipt received from the sale of Broadstairs closed toilets be reinvested in council owned assets in Broadstairs.


Under the Council’s petitions scheme, Council is required to refer the petition to Cabinet without debate for report back to Council.  The wording of the prayer of the petition is:


“We the undersigned wish to petition Thanet District Council regarding the following:


  • We request that the income (£350,000) from the sale of a Broadstairs asset, (Viking Bay lift shaft, former toilet and shelter, be reinvested in Broadstairs to improve Broadstairs facilities and infrastructure, specifically the public toilets. These facilities are very important to visitors and residents and require urgent refurbishment and upgrading to reach a standard that reflects peoples expectations in 2017, it will also ensure these facilities present a positive image of a popular coastal resort.

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member for Financial Services and Estates

Decision published: 23/04/2019

Effective from: 01/05/2019


To continue to process the capital receipts as agreed in the Capital Strategy (approved by Council on 7th February 2019).

Lead officer: Edwina Crowley

15/04/2019 - Capital funding for printer renewal brought forward from 2020/21 to 2019/20 financial year ref: 4601    Recommendations Approved

Capital bid for renewal of commercial printers was put back to 2020/21 financial year on the understanding that a 1 year extension on current printer contract could be achieved which would allow time to look at long term costs.


The current contract can not be extended and the only other option would be to go into a new 3 year contract which is not viable as a costings exercise was carried out last year by finance which showed that a  purchase is more cost effective than leasing.

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member for Financial Services and Estates

Decision published: 18/04/2019

Effective from: 30/04/2019


To bring forward agreed capital funding from 2020/21 to 2019/20 to buy new printing equipment when current lease expires at the end of June 2019.

Lead officer: Paul Holebrook

15/04/2019 - Additional / amended charges to the Port of Ramsgate’s Fees and Charges for 2019/20 ref: 4600    Recommendations Approved

Additional / amended charges to be added to the Port of Ramsgate fees and charges for 2019/20 and future years.

Decision Maker: Leader of the Council

Decision published: 17/04/2019

Effective from: 27/04/2019


To agree the additional / amended charges for the current financial year – 2019/20.

Lead officer: Mike Humber