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The majority of decisions of the Council, Licensing Board, Planning Committee and Standards Committee, which can be viewed on this page, will have been taken after 10 July 2013.

Decisions published

11/02/2019 - Sale of Additional Land adjacent to the Former Westcliff Café and PC's ref: 4538    Recommendations Approved

In October 2018 the Council sold the former café and public convenience (PC’s) at Western Undercliff, Ramsgate (as outlined red on the annexed plan) by public auction. A request was received from the purchaser to acquire a small parcel of additional land to the east of the sold property measuring 37.7 sq m (as shown in the photograph and hatched blue on the plan annexed to this paper).


The land is unused and consists of a raised bed / scrub land which is inaccessible and which, from time to time, the council would be required to maintain. There is no operational use of the land.


The former café and PC’s now require completely rebuilding but it should be noted they are located in a flood plain and therefore any replacement structure requires a means of access at first floor level.


It is proposed to dispose of the land on the following basis:

·  at the market value per sq m achieved in the auction sale;

·  TDC’s legal costs are met by the purchaser;

·  TDC’s estate fees are paid by the purchaser;

·  The purchaser is given the right to egress from the property onto TDC’s footpath to the rear of the property (path from the beach to the cliff top) in the event of an emergency.


The purchaser contributes 33% to the future cost of maintenance of the whole footpath.

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member for Financial Services and Estates

Decision published: 25/02/2019

Effective from: 05/03/2019


To authorise the disposal of the additional land.

Lead officer: Edwina Crowley

06/02/2019 - Allocations Policy ref: 4519    Recommendations Approved

Decision Maker: Head of Housing Services and Planning

Decision published: 06/02/2019

Effective from: 06/02/2019


1.  That the following minor amendments be incorporated into the council’s Allocations Policy:


  I.  Section 3.5 - Suitable size of accommodation - added universal credit alongside housing benefit

  II.  Section 4.1 - Homeless households - made it clear that acceptance into band B will be from when they were accepted as homeless.

  III.  Section 4.7 - Added care workers and other essential workers to category of key workers.

  IV.  Section 4.8 - Rough Sleepers - Added a section

  V.  Section 8.1 - Thanet District Council tenants - Removed ‘East Kent Housing will make 3 attempts to visit your home’.  

  VI.  Section 8.3 - Management transfers - Amended wording to ensure it is clear that a recommendation will come from EKH and the Council will be the decision maker.

  VII.  Section 10.4 - Placing bids - Removed the 6 month timeframe as this cannot be monitored by the service.

  VIII.  Section 3.5 - Suitable size accommodation - Added a line in the chart to include couples or single people with a carer over the age of 55 years old to be considered for sheltered and older persons accommodation only.

  IX.  Section 3.6 - Additional bedroom requests/carers - Made clear that for those over the age of 55 that feel they require a carer and there is evidence to support this then they can be considered if sheltered or older person accommodation is required.

  X.  Section 6.2 - Former tenancy debts - added regarding arrears ‘the current landlord has confirmed that an acceptable agreement has been maintained to clear the debt’.  

  XI.  Section 12.1 - Right to review - Added a sentence to make it clear that late reviews will be at the discretion of the council.

  XII.  Section 4.6 - Armed Forces Personnel - Added a section regarding former spouse or civil partners who needs to leave armed forces accommodation.


2. That the amended policy be implemented with effect from Monday 11 February 2019.


Lead officer: Bob Porter

29/01/2019 - Asset Management - Surplus Property and Land ref: 4510    Recommendations Approved

In line with Council Policy it is essential that assets are regularly reviewed and those identified as surplus are progressed for either community asset transfer or sale on the open market (subject to any restrictions). Cabinet are asked to consider the information in the report and determine whether the property and land listed in Annex 1 and Annex 2 of the report can be progressed through the approved disposal framework.

Decision Maker: Cabinet

Made at meeting: 29/01/2019 - Cabinet

Decision published: 31/01/2019

Effective from: 08/02/2019


Cabinet agreed the following:


1.  To progress the following property and land listed in the report for Community Asset transfer using the appropriate framework. All assets will be transferred following the Community Asset Transfer policy. They will not be transferred at nil value but at a value taking into account the community use;


  i.  Garlinge Pavillion Margate, Hartsdown Pavillion Margate and Northdown Park Pavillion Margate to an established Sports and Social club;

  ii.  Victoria Gardens Broadstairs to Broadstairs & St Peters Town Council;

  iii.  Albion Gardens Ramsgate to Ramsgate Town Council or other qualifying community organization;

  iv.  Newgate Gap Shelter Margate to a qualifying community organization;

  v.  Land and Toilets Minster Plot 1 and Plot 2 to Minster Parish Council;

  vi.  Land and property at the Oval Cliftonville to a qualifying community organization;

  vii.  To approve a consultation to appropriate land for community and social use at Hartsdown Margate adjacent to Margate football club.


2.  To progress the following property and land listed in the report through the  approved disposal framework.


  i.  Land at the rear of the Tudor house Margate taking into account the grade 2  listed status of the adjacent property;

  ii.  The closed toilet at Beresford Gap, the closed toilet at Marina Road Ramsgate, the closed toilet at Minnis Bay Birchington, the closed toilet at Park Road Margate;

  iii.  The closed toilet at Margate Cemetery but restricted to bereavement use;

  iv.  The closed toilet at Albion street Broadstairs to Broadstairs & St Peters Town Council;

  v.  Transfer only part of the title of the land to the owner of the Nayland Rock Hotel. The part to be retained by Council is the access/egress from Canterbury Road adjacent to Canterbury Crescent. The area fronting the Nayland Rock will be transferred to the owner of the Nayland Rock Hotel.

Lead officer: Edwina Crowley

29/01/2019 - Contaminated Land Strategy - Revised Oct. 2018 ref: 4509    Recommendations Approved

A report on the revised Contaminated Land Strategy 2018-2023.

Decision Maker: Cabinet

Made at meeting: 29/01/2019 - Cabinet

Decision published: 30/01/2019

Effective from: 07/02/2019


Cabinet approved the Contaminated Land Strategy 2018-2023.

Lead officer: Morgan Sproates