Individual Cabinet Member Decisions

Individual Cabinet Member Decisions

11/02/2019 - Sale of Additional Land adjacent to the Former Westcliff Café and PC's ref: 4538    Recommendations Approved

In October 2018 the Council sold the former café and public convenience (PC’s) at Western Undercliff, Ramsgate (as outlined red on the annexed plan) by public auction. A request was received from the purchaser to acquire a small parcel of additional land to the east of the sold property measuring 37.7 sq m (as shown in the photograph and hatched blue on the plan annexed to this paper).


The land is unused and consists of a raised bed / scrub land which is inaccessible and which, from time to time, the council would be required to maintain. There is no operational use of the land.


The former café and PC’s now require completely rebuilding but it should be noted they are located in a flood plain and therefore any replacement structure requires a means of access at first floor level.


It is proposed to dispose of the land on the following basis:

·  at the market value per sq m achieved in the auction sale;

·  TDC’s legal costs are met by the purchaser;

·  TDC’s estate fees are paid by the purchaser;

·  The purchaser is given the right to egress from the property onto TDC’s footpath to the rear of the property (path from the beach to the cliff top) in the event of an emergency.


The purchaser contributes 33% to the future cost of maintenance of the whole footpath.

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member for Financial Services and Estates

Decision published: 25/02/2019

Effective from: 05/03/2019


To authorise the disposal of the additional land.

Lead officer: Edwina Crowley