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Broadstairs Flood and Coast Protection scheme

Meeting: 21/09/2023 - Cabinet (Item 34)

34 Broadstairs Flood and Coast Protection scheme pdf icon PDF 89 KB

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Cllr Rogers spoke under Council Procedure Rule 20.1.


Cllr Albon presented the report. He explained that the proposed works would protect the designated area from a once in 200 year storm event and the that works would be completed between April and June 2024. It was proposed by Cllr Albon and seconded by Cllr Yates that Cabinet approves expenditure in relation to this scheme and up to the value of the Environment Agency grant of £880k.


Members AGREED.

Meeting: 19/09/2023 - Overview & Scrutiny Panel (Item 466)

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Mike Humber introduced the report and made the following comments: 


• The Broadstairs Flood and Coast Protection Scheme was funded via the  environment agency and local levy grant funding to the value of £880,000. 

• The Broadstairs pier was first constructed 250 years ago, and played a vital role  in stabilising the beach at Viking Bay. 

• If the coastal defence, including the pier, were to fail in the next 20 years, it was  estimated that 54 homes were expected to be lost to coastal erosion. 

• The scheme would reduce flood risk to properties on Harbour Street in  Broadstairs and also to the rear of Viking Bay. 

• The risk of not taking action was that low-lying properties would experience  flooding more regularly. 

• The scheme included works to the facing blocks of the pier, repairs to the  fishermans slipway, improvements to the sea wall and repairs to the cobblestone  steps to the foreshore. 

• Additionally, the scheme would improve the standard of flood defence from one  in 10 year standard, to a one in 200 year standard.

• Planning permission for the scheme was granted in June 2023, tender  documents had been prepared ready for competitive procurement. 

• Construction phases were estimated to be April 2024 – June 2024. 


Members noted the report.