Agenda and draft minutes

Joint Transportation Board
Thursday, 13th September, 2018 7.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber, Cecil Street, Margate, Kent

Contact: James Clapson 

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Thanet Highway Works Programme 2018/19 pdf icon PDF 120 KB


    Paul Valek, Thanet District Manager, KCC introduced the report and advised the Board about the progress to date regarding the Highway Works Programme for 2018/19. He said that most of the work was progressing as planned.


    Mr Valek also reported that the Highways team had also carried out a Pothole Blitz programme that saw the successful repair of the roads that had been weather damaged last winter. £600,000 had been spent on the blitz.


    During the discussions Board Members made the following comments:


    • Members were getting a number of inquiries from parents about the speed of traffic outside schools (especially Chatham School in Ramsgate) as they felt this posed a danger to school children. Was it possible for 20 mile speed zones to be designated around school areas for the safety of children?
    • The pothole blitz programme had gone very well in Ramsgate;
    • In relation to Manston Road junction Spitfire Way: Is the removal of the traffic island causing any traffic problems like increased incidents of accidents?
    • Newington Road, new fire station: Where exactly was the pedestrian crossing going to be relocated to?
    • With regards to the Westwood/Margate Road: It appeared drivers were unnecessarily being stopped at odd hours of the day (like around 1.00 am). Were these traffic lights activated by traffic as this would prevent the unnecessary stops?


    Mr Valek responded as follows:


    • Police are often reluctant to support requests for 20mph speed limits or zones  they have to be submitted individually and dealt with on a case by case basis;
    • The two keep left bollards being hit by drivers very regularly, hence the decision to take the island out and replacing it with a ‘ghost island, ’which effectively is marking the former island area. This will be monitored;
    • The details for the relocated pedestrian crossing was going to be forwarded to Members after the meeting as they were not readily available this meeting;
    • The traffic lights in Westwood/Margate Road should be vehicle activated. However officers were going to check that they were operating as per those settings.


    Members noted the report.


Parking and Waiting Restrictions pdf icon PDF 88 KB

    Additional documents:


    Rebecca Glaiser, Uniformed Services Enforcement Manager introduced the item for debate. Ms Glaiser said that the report was proposing new parking and waiting restrictions which had been discussed with Kent County Council. The proposals would be subject to a public consultation.


    The proposals were being brought about due to inconsiderate parking by some drivers and this issue had been reported to the departments by the public as well as council staff on duty, particularly during collection of household waste and recycle.


    Board Members raised some concern that the introduction of these new restrictions would increase the work load on the enforcement team. They asked whether the new enforcement of the new restrictions would mean additional staff being recruited or staff being moved from some areas of work to cover these new areas.


    One Member reported complaints that household waste had not been collected from properties in Grotto Road for about three weeks (due to inconsiderate parking) and requested officers to investigate the issue.


    In response Ms Glaiser said that with regards to increased staffing for to enforce new restrictions, officers were still in discussion to find the best approach to enforce the new restrictions if there were adopted. She also said that reports of uncollected rubbish had been made to the office and officers were currently working on a solution to the problem.


    Thereafter, Councillor Coleman-Cooke proposed, Councillor Rusiecki seconded and Members agreed that the proposed parking and waiting restrictions be subjected to the statutory public consultation.