Agenda item

Leaders Report

To receive a report from the Leader of the Council in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 2.4.



During his report the Leader covered the following areas:

  • The Leader offered thanks to the Chamber for the opportunity to lead the Council.
  • It was clear that addressing the condition of the public toilets in the District was a top priority.
  • Congratulations were offered to Councillor Game on becoming leader of the Conservative group.
  • Congratulations were offered to Councillor Ara who was named Community Champion Winner in the LGiU and CCLA 2019 Councillor Achievement Awards.
  • The Leader joined Councillor Ara at the annual remembrance Sunday event in Ramsgate.
  • The approach to budget setting had been open and transparent, the budget would reflect the priorities of residents.
  • The Leader had visited Manston and had seen the scale of the Brexit operation there.
  • The Council supported the proposed Parkway Station development.  There would be a Member’s briefing on the latest proposals. 
  • The Ramsgate Port feasibility study would be available soon.
  • Congratulations were offered to everyone involved in the Turner Prize and Dreamland’s deserved recognition for it’s contribution to proceedings.


Councillor Game as Leader of the Conservative Party responded with the following points:

  • Councillor Bayford deserved thanks for this work as the previous Leader of the Council.
  • Praise should be offered for the cleanliness of Margate during the Turner prize.
  • Congratulations were offered to Councillor Ara.
  • There was a need to form a Town Council in Margate.
  • Thanks were offered to the finance team who had provided a number of in depth briefings for Members on the budget. 
  • Everyone agreed that the health and safety of housing tenants was paramount.
  • It was hoped that Manston would become a working airport.
  • The majority of Cliffsend residents were not in favour of the Parkway Station proposals, there would need to be a wide consultation.
  • The Turner Prize had been a boost to Margate and the wider Thanet area.


The Leader replied to Councillor Game’s comments with the following points:

  • Councillor Bayford deserved thanks for his time as Leader of the Council.
  • There needed to be a wide consultation on the Parkway Station proposals.  Some residents of Cliffsend were keen on the idea.


Councillor Reverend Piper as leader of the Thanet Independents Party made the following points:

  • There had been some good collaborative working since the Labour administration came into control.
  • The finance briefings had been very good. 
  • A Parkway Station would be good for Thanet.
  • Thanks were offered to the Chief Executive for her responses to questions raised at the November Cabinet meeting.
  • There should be no additional financial risk resulting from a competitive tender for the replacement of berths four and five at the Port of Ramsgate. These cost should have been accounted for when the replacement of the berths were first agreed.


The Leader replied to Councillor Reverend Piper’s comments with the following point:

  • It was good that the three main political groups were of the same understanding regarding the need to replace the berths at the Port.


Councillor Roper as Leader the Green Party made the following points:

  • Councillor Roper welcomed the new Leader and Councillor Game to their positions of leadership, he hoped to work in trust and harmony with them.
  • Congratulations were offered to Councillor Ara.
  • It was hoped that funding would be found to improve the public toilets before next tourist season.
  • Officers deserved thanks for their work with Members around the budget.
  • It was good that the East Kent Housing issues looked to be heading to a conclusion, attention should be given to safety standards.
  • The amount of money spent at Manston in preparation for Brexit was disturbing and offered no benefit to Thanet.
  • If it was possible, the cost of the Parkway Station proposal could be better spent improving transport within the District. 
  • The near completion of the feasibility study at Port was welcome, the conclusion should be widely shared and supported.
  • Margate was the biggest winner of the Turner Prize, through the publicity that the event generated.
  • It was requested that the Leader included a climate emergency update as a regular part of his leaders report.
  • Councillor Roper wished everyone a happy Christmas.


The Leader replied to Councillor Roper’s comments noting that:

  • The climate emergency was an important issue, the working group had met today (5 December).
  • A lot of the increased projected cost in relation to the Parkway Station proposal was connected to improvements at two level crossings.  The money invested in the Station would not come to Thanet if the proposal did not go ahead.


Councillor Scobie left the meeting during this item.


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