Agenda item

Q3 and Q4 2022/23 Tenant and Leaseholder Performance Report


Sally O’Sullivan introduced the report and made the following comments:


  • Most of the work streams were working fine. However performance regarding domestic electrical safety certificates was struggling at 90% completion;
  • MEARS had been contracted to help improve performance and there was steady improvement being rerecorded, which had seen a performance of 91% in Q3 and increasing to 94% in Q4;
  • These actions were  being monitored weekly in order to quickly detect any decline in performance;
  • Capital spend was also struggling at 56%;
  • Income collection was performing well.


Members asked questions and made comments as follows:


  • The Panel recognised the hard work being put in by the Housing team as improvements across the board had been outstanding;
  • One Member thanked the team for the glossary which was in the report as it made referencing much easier;
  • Another Member asked whether there was any evidence that any of the council tenants were struggling with the current economic climate;
  • There was no gas work still outstanding.


Ms O’Sullivan responded as follows:


  • There has been an increase in  tenants who are struggling financially, we know this because there has been an  increase in referrals to the  Finance Wellbeing team for assistance;
  • The Household Support Fund had been very useful in assisting tenants who were struggling financially;
  • With regards to the gas stats; the team was monitoring performance weekly to ensure that contractors were reporting correctly.


Members noted the report.

Supporting documents: