Agenda item

Leaders Report

To receive a report from the Leader of the Council in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 2.4.



The Leader, Councillor Everitt, presented his report to Council, covering the following key points:


·  The new Labour administration began with the plan for a major extension of affordable council housing for residents in need.

·  There were many challenges ahead, which residents had noted. Including issues with public toilets, multi-storey car parks, open spaces, fly tipping and lack of street cleaning in residential areas.

·  The levelling up award for Ramsgate was a fundamental part of the council’s plans. It had the potential to utilise the port, and the potential to unlock additional income for the council to spend on frontline services.

·  Thanet Parkway station was due to open.

·  The Winter Gardens had suffered from decades of underinvestment. This was considered a major challenge, estimated for a £6 million price tag, which would require external funding.

·  Kent County Council had put forth proposals to close the Richborough Household Waste and Recycling Centre permanently. There had been a revised consultation which included options that included Deal closing instead of Richborough.

·  The representatives of the Local Government Boundary Commission for England had advised that a review would be carried out of the district council ward boundaries during 2023 and 2024.


Councillor Pugh, as Leader of the Conservative Group, made the following points:


·  Congratulations were given to Councillor Everitt on becoming Leader of the Council.

·  The proposals for more affordable housing in the district was welcomed.

·  The leaders report neglected to mention the Margate digital project, which had been submitted by and secured under the previous conservative administration.

·  It was important that the council delivered on all of the various projects concerning the Ramsgate Levelling up.

·  It was questioned whether the leader would confirm to progress both Levelling up projects.

·  The Labour administration was to continue to follow the programme for identifying potential operators which had been set out by the Conservatives.

·  The process to establish a Margate Town Council was long overdue.


The Leader responded to Councillor Pugh’s comments with the following points:


·  The council wanted to build affordable housing, however the difficulty was regarding finding the land.

·  Commitments were to all the schemes and programmes, this included the Margate digital project.

·  Inflation had an effect on the Levelling Up awards.

·  The Margate Winter Gardens process which the Conservative administration had set out was being followed, however other options were also being considered.


Councillor Garner, as Leader of the Green Group, made the following points:


·  Congratulations to the Leader were given.

·  Well wishes were given to the previous Leader of the Council, Ash Ashbee.

·  It was hoped that the council would be able to build up the stock of council owned homes over the next few years.

·  The ambition regarding issues such as litter, public toilets and parking. These issues made a difference to the quality of life to residents and visitors alike.

·  Regarding the Thanet Parkway, the planting should be looked at, and where needed also replaced.

·  On the issue of Thanet Parkway, the Green Group disagreed.

·  The group would join the administration in lobbying regarding the Richborough centre, and other centres stay open.

·  It was important that the council did more for residents on the coastline that would be adversely impacted during peak tourism period.

·  The expressed commitment to transparency was welcomed.


The Leader responded to Councillor Garner’s comments with the following points:


·  The planting around the Thanet Parkway would be looked at.

·  The Parkway was all about growth and housing. Over time the station would be a success.


Councillor Worrow, as Leader of Thanet Independents, made the following points:


·  Congratulations were given to the Labour Group and the Leader.

·  It was hoped that wards such as Westgate, Garlinge and Birchington would also be focussed upon as well as Ramsgate.


The Leader responded to Councillor Worrow’s comments with the following point:


·  It was noted that the administration was not going to focus solely on Ramsgate.

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