Agenda item

Leaders Report

To receive a report from the Leader of the Council in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 2.4.



The Leader, Councillor Everitt, presented his report to Council, covering the following key  points: 


  Bin strikes disrupted services for residents but also damaged public confidence  in the council. An agreement had been reached with the GMB to resolve the  dispute. 

  The Ramsgate Market went out to tender in August 2023 and an experienced  operator had been appointed to deliver the market from April 2024. 

  Tenders for lifts at Leopold Street had been achieved. 

  It was being proposed to increase the street cleansing resource on a permanent  basis under 2024 budget. 

  During the summer months the council had installed 80 additional purple wheelie  bins and 75 large waste bins in locations around the coast. 

  Beach toy collection points was a success during the summer months.  • There had been major challenges with the removal of seaweed, approximately  1,000 tonnes had been removed in 2023. 

  Public toilets was an ongoing concern to the council. 

  The administration would expand and accelerate on the in-house  accommodation for residents. 

  Following the district boundary review, boundaries may need to be redrawn. This  would strengthen relationships between the council with parish and town  councils. 


Councillor Pugh, as Leader of the Conservative Group, made the following points: 


  It was positive that the dispute with the GMB had been resolved. 

  Increasing members allowances was a rash decision, and was not considered  positive. 

  How will new services proposed by the administration be funded? 

  Manston airport had not been included in the leaders report, this was an  important factor in the council moving forth. 


The Leader responded to Councillor Pugh’s comments with the following points: 


  The increase in allowance was the first increase in 10 years, and was of  importance. 

  The last Labour administration took place during the pandemic. 

  It had been challenging to remove the seaweed, as there had not been enough  resource to remove this. 

  Manston airport was not in the report. 


Councillor Garner, as Leader of the Green Group, made the following points: 


  Thanks were given to the officers and the GMB. 

  The news of Ramsgate Market reopening was positive, the council would look  forward to seeing this in the future. 

  Congratulations were given to the private sector housing on achieving awards.  • The parking review was long overdue and was welcomed. 

  It was agreed that issues surrounding public toilets needed to be tackled  urgently. 

  It was disappointing that bins had been removed without replacement bins being  installed. 


The Leader responded to Councillor Garner’s comments with the following points: 


  Ramsgate Market would reopen in the Town Centre. 

  It was disappointing concerning the bins disappearing, this would be looked into  by the relevant head of service. 

  The parking review provided an opportunity for the council to be involved. 

  Councillor Worrow, as Leader of Thanet Independents, made the following points: 

  The bandstand project near Walpole bay was important to residents, funding had  been removed from this project. This was disappointing. 

  The administration was Ramsgate centric. 


The Leader responded to Councillor Worrow’s comments with the following points: 


  It was disappointing that funding had fallen aside for the bandstand project.

  The council intended to deliver for all areas of Thanet. It was not focussed solely on Ramsgate.

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