Agenda item

Leaders Report

To receive a report from the Leader of the Council in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 2.4.



The Leader, Councillor Everitt, presented his report to Council, covering the following key  points:


·  The Leader gave a summarized response to the questions which Members put to him under the agenda item ‘Questions from Members.’ These would also be responded to in writing.

·  There were approximately 500 job losses through Pfizer. This would have further impact on other businesses. Additional meetings regarding this with Canterbury and Dover councils were anticipated.

·  There was positive news regarding finding an operator for the Winter Gardens. The council would not allow the building to be used as housing.

·  The council was able to make a £3.2 million bid to the National Lottery Heritage fund for the Theatre Royale.

·  The council had taken possession of the Clock House in Ramsgates following the surrender of the previous lease.

·  Severe weather emergency protocol had been activated, thanks were given to the RISE team for their efforts.

·  Cabinet would be considering the acquisition of a further 24 section 106 affordable homes in Tothill Street.

·  Works regarding Jackey Bakers were moving forth following the previous council meeting.

·  Works on public toilets were planned, with significant repairs taking place in the winter months ahead of the 2024 tourist season.


Councillor Pugh, as Leader of the Conservative Group, made the following points:


·  It was positive news regarding the Winter Gardens and the Clock House.

·  The new proposals for Jackey Bakers were welcomed, however there would be less football pitches on the ground. This was hoped not to be the case.

·  The announcement of the improvements on public toilets was positive, and was long awaited.

·  It was noted that community groups and voluntary groups did immeasurable work in the community.


The Leader responded to Councillor Pugh’s comments with the following points:


·  Ideas were welcome regarding the Winter Gardens, regarding what may happen if the council did not get the marketing exercise.

·  It was agreed that community groups did immeasurable work and should work more closely together with the council. The council would look into ways whereby this could be encouraged.

·  There was no plan to reduce the amount of football pitches in Jackey Bakers.


Councillor Garner, as Leader of the Green Group, made the following points:


·  It was a positive that the search for an operator in the Winter Gardens had begun.

·  There was concerns shared regarding the home office plans in terms of the Manston detention facility centre.

·  The Broadstairs college had developed a conservation school, this was noted as excellent.

·  Commitments regarding the public toilets were welcomed.

·  The Greens were supportive of the council housing stock.

·  It was noted that many residents had friends and family in Israel and Gaza. It was vital to lobby national leaders, to ask for ceasefire and diplomatic efforts.


The Leader responded to Councillor Garner’s comments with the following points:


·  The current climate in Israel and Gaza was not disregarded.

·  The conservation school was impressive.


Councillor Worrow, as Leader of Thanet Independents, made the following points:


·  It was concerning to hear about the job losses in Pfizer.

·  There was overall sympathy for the migrant centre in Manston.


The Leader responded with thanks to Councillor Worrow’s comments.

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