Agenda item

Cabinet Member Presentation - Background to the Council's Parking Strategy Review


Councillor Keen, Cabinet Members for Neighbourhoods gave a presentation to the Panel and made the following comments:


  • The request for a parking strategy review was proposed by Councillor Crittenden and Full Council agreed the proposal;
  • This would be a district wide review to establish the view of service users and then get down to the detail of what needed to be done for the district;
  • Council draw up a brief that was used for the tender to secure a consultant for the review;
  • The intention was to make the review as broad as was possible, bearing in mind that parking had to support the economics growth for Thanet;
  • Significant investments were coming into the district and the Council needed to be prepared for that;
  • The review would look at the daytime and night time economic activities in the district and aligning with Net Zero Strategy, the Local Plan and government policy like the Green Agenda;
  • The review would take into consideration the changes in shopping habits that were emerging with more online shopping and delivery of purchases to residents' homes;
  • The four week review would start on 29 January 2024. A councillor consultation was planned for 30 January 2024 with the public consultation starting on 5 February 2024;
  • Public consultation meetings would be both in-person and online;
  • The Comms team would work alongside the delivery of the Strategy and Action Plan;
  • The tender for the review was put out in August 29023 and awarded in December 2023. Twelve companies had submitted bids for this tender;
  • It was important for the public to take part in this review through the consultation process.


Members asked questions and made comments as follows:


  • One Member asked if this review was going to be backed by the Joint Transportation Board;
  • Would cyclists and other road users be part of the consultation process?
  • Was the four week consultation period long enough for this piece of work?
  • A significant amount of what TDC would do after the review depended on KCC, the Highways Authority. With this in mind, how was the Council going to engage KCC?
  • There currently was no budget associated with this review process. How were the review results going to be implemented?
  • Some Members understood that KCC was going to take back responsibility for the Decrim reserves. Was that still going ahead?
  • One Member said that they welcomed the approach that would see the public being consulted on the current situation regarding parking in the district. What level of autonomy did TDC have over residents parking schemes?
  • Could parking schemes have their own budgets in order to fund their own activities?
  • Would this review give residents an opportunity to give feedback regarding yellow lines?
  • There was a need to enforce the strategy once the review had been concluded. There was therefore a need for a recommendation for robust recruitment of enforcement officers.


Penny Button, Head of Neighbourhoods and Councillor Keen responded to Member questions and comments as follows:


  • KCC were the Highways Authority and they would be engaged as part of the review process;
  • TDC would also engage KCC when the draft Strategy has been produced;
  • This stage of the review was about understanding what residents wanted;
  • The new strategy would give the Council a road map for planning for the long term future of the Decrim fund;
  • KCC had not made a final decision on whether they were taking back all income from parking;
  • With regards to residents’ schemes; not everyone wanted them;
  • It was also important to look at the issue of parking on pavement options for some areas. There were opportunities for generating income;
  • The Council also ought to consider on street cycling;
  • The new strategy would be used to lobby KCC on issues related to parking and traffic management;
  • The Portfolio Holder agreed that effective enforcement would make the strategy a success.


Members noted the presentation.