Committee attendance

PLEASE NOTE:  Our committee management system,, went live on Monday, 23 February 2009 and the system shows all attendance at meetings since then.

The attendance records shown below include attendances by Councillors either as substitutes or as guests.   For a fuller analysis of any Councillor's attendance, please click on Your Councillors and then click on a Councillor's name, followed by "Attendance record".

Cabinet, 6 meetings
Member Attendances
Councillor Ash Ashbee 5
Councillor Sam Bambridge 1
Councillor Robert W Bayford 6
Councillor Suzanne Brimm 1
Councillor Peter Campbell 5
Councillor Terry Connor 4
Councillor Karen Constantine 1
Councillor Derek Crow-Brown 6
Councillor Roy Dexter 5
Councillor Robin Edwards 3
Councillor Peter Evans 1
Councillor Jeremy Fairbrass 1
Councillor Lin Fairbrass 1
Councillor Lesley Ann Game 6
Councillor Ian Gregory 6
Councillor Edward Jaye-Jones 5
Councillor David Parsons 1
Councillor Lynda Piper 1
Councillor Rev. Stuart Piper 3
Councillor Brenda Rogers 3
Councillor George Rusiecki 5
Councillor David Saunders 5
Councillor Mave Saunders 5
Councillor Jason Savage 6
Councillor Trevor Shonk 5
Councillor Hunter Stummer-Schmertzing 4
Councillor Michael Tomlinson 2
Councillor John Townend 2
Councillor Christopher T Wells 1
Councillor Linda Wright 3