Committee details

Local Plan & Local Development Scheme Cabinet Advisory Group

Purpose of committee

The purpose of the new CAG would be to:


  • To consider the detailed matters identified in the LDS, including, but not necessarily limited to, the following:


§  The implications of the Local Housing Need Methodology on housing requirements for the district;

§  Climate change; including the outcomes from the work of the Climate Emergency Working Group, where relevant;

§  Ensure a robust policy relationship between biodiversity “net gain”; woodland protection/planting; green infrastructure and the Council’s proposed Tree Strategy;

§  Update Environment Strategy policies as necessary, depending on the progress of the Environment Bill and Kent Environment Strategies;

§  Guidance on type and size of dwellings may require updating;

§  The provision of Gypsy & Traveller sites to meet identified requirements;

§  Update the provisions of the Plan in relation to Manston Airport in the light of any decision on the Development Consent Order;

§  Identify additional employment land, as required;

§  Incorporate any decision in relation to the future of Port Ramsgate;

§  Some Town Centre policies may need amending in the light of changing Government guidance and other changes to the planning system;

§  Incorporate key policy aspects from the proposed Westwood SPD fully into the Plan;

§  Some infrastructure policies (for example, transport; health and education) may need updating, depending on the scale and location of new housing;


  • To receive and consider the available evidence in relation to these matters;
  • To consider the options for the Plan; and
  • To advise the Cabinet of the views expressed by the Group.


The Terms of Reference are:


1.  To receive and consider reports and evidence in relation to the matters set out in the LDS;

2.  To consider the policy and development options for addressing these issues;

3.  In their considerations, the Group should have regard to compliance with the relevant legislation, government policy and guidance, to the other parts of the Development Plan for the area and to all other material considerations;

4.  The Group will receive briefings from Officers in the update process about key issues and outcomes from evidence-gathering and discussions with stakeholders;

5.  Following the final meeting of the Cabinet Advisory Group, the key findings/ conclusions/recommendations of the Group in relation to the Reg 18 consultation will be presented to Cabinet.


There would be nine Members of the Group, as follows:


4 Conservative; 3 Labour; 1 Green; and 1 Thanet Independents.


It is anticipated that there would be a series of informal meetings of the Group, followed by a formal meeting to finalise recommendations to Cabinet, before a report is made to Cabinet regarding the update of the Local Plan.


Contact information

Support officer: Charles Hungwe.