Issue - decisions

HRA Budget 2023/24

22/02/2023 - HRA Budget 2023/24

It was noted that in accordance with council procedure rule 17.6, a recorded vote would be taken on the motion or any amendments and substantive motions.


It was proposed by Cllr Saunders and seconded by the Leader that: 


1. That the HRA budget for 2023/24 is approved;

2. That the revised Housing Revenue Account capital programme (Annex 1) for 2023-27 is approved; and

3. That the HRA business plan is noted.


 The Legal and Monitoring Officer conducted a recorded vote on the motion as follows: 


49 Councillors voted in favour of the Motion


Councillors Albon, Ashbee, Austin, Bailey, Bambridge, J Bayford,  R Bayford, Boyd, Braidwood, Coleman-Cooke, Crittenden, Currie, Dexter, Duckworth, Everitt, Fellows, Garner, Hart, Hopkinson, Huxley, Keen, Kup, Leys, Pat Moore, Paul Moore, Anne-Marie Nixey,  Ovenden, Parsons, L Piper, Rev. S Piper, Pugh, Rattigan, Rawf, Rogers, Rusiecki, D Saunders, M Saunders, Savage, Scobie, Scott, Shrubb, Smith, Tomlinson, Towning, Wallin, Whitehead, Wing, Wright and Yates.


No Councillors voted against the Motion.


No Councillors Abstained.


Councillor Shonk joined the meeting at this point.