Statutory Notice for Forthcoming Decisions

Statutory Notice for Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Review of Contaminated Land Strategy12/09/2018For Determination29/01/2019
Ramsgate Acquisition Programme12/09/2018For Determination15/11/2018
2019-20 Council Tax Resolution12/09/2018For Determination28/02/2019
Budget 2019-20 Report12/09/2018For Determination07/02/2019
Council Tax Base 2019-20 Report12/09/2018For Determination15/01/2019
Corporate Risk Management - Quarterly Risk Review12/09/2018For Determination05/12/2018
Treasury Management Strategy Statement, Minimum Revenue Provision Policy Statement and Annual Investment Strategy for 2019-2012/09/2018For Determination07/02/2019
Treasury Management Strategy and Annual Investment Strategy – Mid Year Review report 2018-1912/09/2018For Determination07/02/2019
Fees and Charges 2019-2012/09/2018For Determination06/12/2018
Q2 Budget Monitoring12/09/2018For Determination15/11/2018
Budget Strategy 2019-2012/09/2018For Determination15/11/2018
Allocations Policy12/09/2018For Determination15/01/2019
Asset Management - Disposals12/09/2018For Determination18/10/2018
Food Law Service Plan and Enforcement Policy08/08/2018For Determination06/12/2018
To consider and approve an amended RIPA Policy & Procedures Guidance Note for 2018/19 and to receive the annual report on the use of RIPA in 2017/1819/02/2018For Determination18/09/2018
Asset Management - The Museums15/02/2018For Determination18/10/2018