Agenda and minutes

Thanet Health and Wellbeing Board
Thursday, 8th November, 2018 10.00 am

Venue: Austen Room, Council Offices, Cecil Street, Margate, Kent. View directions

Contact: James Clapson 

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Appointment of Chair and Vice Chair for 2018/19


    It was noted that the meeting was inquorate, therefore the Board was unable to appoint a Chair or Vice Chair for 2018/19. However Councillor Bayford proposed, Councillor Game seconded and the Board agreed that Ms Ogilvie would Chair the meeting on this occasion.



Apologies for Absence


Declaration of Interest


Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 71 KB


The Active Thanet Strategic Framework 2018- 2022 pdf icon PDF 86 KB


Commissioned Services for Supporting Vulnerable Young Mom’s (Family Nurse Partnership) pdf icon PDF 31 KB


    Ms McLaughlin, District Manager Early Help and Preventative Services and Chair of the Thanet Local Children’s Partnership gave an update regarding the Family Nurse Partnership (FNP).  The presentation had been attached the minutes.  During consideration of the item it was noted that:

    ·  The scheme had supported first time mums under the age of 19 until the child’s second birthday, however commissioning for the FNP had not continued in Kent and referral’s to the service had stopped.

    ·  It was proposed that the FNP would be replaced by a similar service with a wider remit that would assist vulnerable mums of any age for a similar two year time period.  The proposal was seen as more equitable; it would have more practitioners and reach more mothers in need of the support.


Local Children’s Partnership Priorities, Grants and General Updates pdf icon PDF 54 KB



    Social Prescribing and Poverty


    Ms Reeves, Unit Lead Thanet Early Help provided the board with an update on some of the work that had been carried out by Thanet Early Help.  During consideration of the item it was noted that:

    ·  The aim was to provide support as soon as problems emerged this relied upon local agencies working together.

    ·  Measures of success included a reduction in the number of exclusions from school, less interventions and an improved level of attendance.

    ·  Social prescribing required an understanding of the issues in place these were often determined by social, environmental and economic factors.

    ·  A pilot was carried out at Drapers Mill school; it asked the question ‘what matters to you?’ Drop in sessions were held and found to be successful.  The sessions allowed people to see what services were available to them.

    ·  More funding was needed for early years and speech and language support as this could help prevent problems developing as children became older.

    ·  The KCC integrated Children’s Services webpage can be found using the following link:



    Thanet Local Children’s Partnership Chair’s Update


    MsMcLoughlin, provided an update to the board. The slides had been included in the minutes.  During consideration of the item it was noted that:

    ·  KCC Cabinet had agreed that there would be changes to the Local Children’s Partnerships, District Advisory Boards and Youth Advisory Boards.  It was agreed that Local Children’s Partnership’s should be Member-led going forward. 

    ·  Three options were under consideration and the final proposal would be presented to Children's, Young People and Education Cabinet Committee in January 2019.  Implementation was expected in April 2019.

    ·  The portal for applications for Early Help Grants in 2019 would be open around 26 November 2018.  Applications would be shortlisted between 8-11 January 2019 and final approval would be granted by 7 February 2019.


Thanet Local Care Update

    Ged Timson to lead


    MrTimson, Head of Local Care for Thanet provided the Board with the update.  During consideration of the item it was noted that:

    ·  Local Care was an NHS department tasked to work in partnership with local services to improve the health of local people.  East Kent had been split into four local care areas to ensure a local focus was maintained.

    ·  Thanet’s Acute Response Team (ART) had been successful in helping people stay out of hospital; people received the support they needed in their own homes.  Due to its success this model maybe adopted across the rest of East Kent.

    ·  Extended access to GP’s was a National and East Kent project designed to help people get GP appointments.  From 1 October 2019 there were 70 hours of additional GP appoints available within the District each week.  These were available in the evening and on the weekend.

    ·  Multi-disciplinary meetings had begun in the last three months, and were gaining momentum as the benefit to patients became evident.  Representatives from a group of organisations met to identify what support could be provided that would have an impact on an individual’s health and wellbeing who were often old or frail.


Update on Children's and Maternity Services pdf icon PDF 767 KB


    MsO’Rouke, Head of East Kent Children’s Commissioning Team, and Ms Haywood, Commissioning Manager Maternity and Acute Pediatrics presented the update to the Board.  The presentation was attached to the Minutes.  During consideration of the item it was noted that:

    ·  The commissioning team was responsible for ensuring the NHS spent wisely on children’s services and that a high standard of service was maintained.

    ·  In 2017/18 there was 30% target referral rate for children and young people with a diagnosable mental health condition to access treatment, this rose to 32% in 2018/19.  Thanet had met this target and was the best performing area in East Kent for this measure; however it was felt by members of the Board that 32% was a low target.

    ·  The stop smoking at home maternity visit scheme had seen a 60% success rate and would receive further funding in Thanet.

    ·  It was hoped that at six weeks following the birth, there would be a mental health check for the mother carried out by GP’s.